Do & Hope

by Lauren Anderson

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released August 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Lauren Anderson

Originally from Chicago, Lauren Anderson is now located in Kansas City and has been performing her blend of modern blues since 2011. Lauren's voice commands attention, between her earthy tones that reflect a style from the early 19th century, and her powerful belt. Fans compare her to a blend of Janis Joplin, Joss Stone and Norah Jones. ... more


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Track Name: Close
t’s like a dream
I’m close to you
I’m yours
I don’t know what to do
Captured by your touch
It’s almost too much
It’s like a dream

I’m swept away
I’ve lost all control
I’m here for you
Just tell me where to go
I’m breathless by your stare
It’s not even fair
I’m swept away

I tried to get away
I knew this wouldn’t last
I tried to stand my ground
But I was helpless and my will was gone so fast

Your voice is sweet
But firm is your embrace
I catch my breath
As my heart starts to race
I start to lose my mind
As your body is pressed against mine
It’s like a dream
Track Name: Can't You See?
Can’t You See?

I can’t go on like this.
Waiting for just one kiss.
I will lose my mind.

I think that you and me would be
Perfect don’t you see.
How great it could be.

I’m gonna lose control
Cause I can’t let go
Of this feeling you give to me
Baby can’t you see?

Why won’t you talk to me?
Something verbal is all I need
Your body language is confusing me.

You and I we have so much fun
You can’t possibly tell me we’re done.
When we haven’t even begun.


Honey, can’t you see the crime
I can’t get you off my mind
There’s this look, there’s this look in your eye’s
It’s not something you can deny.

Track Name: I Don't Need
I don’t need much, in this superficial world
I don’t need lots of things, I know it sounds absurd
oh I just need one thing
To be understood.

I don’t need no man, he’ll just slow me down.
I don’t need no fancy car, I know how to get around town.
Oh I just need one thing,
To be understood.

I don’t need your mess, you can keep that to yourself.
I don’t need to be judged, it’s not good for my health.
Oh I just need one thing,
to be understood.

I don’t need to fit in.
I don’t need to go out.
I don’t need your stereotypes.
I don’t need your doubt.
Oh I just need one thing.
To be understood.
Track Name: Shame
I know you think I’m sexy, You know I want it too
You want my arms around you, I’d like to pull your back close too.
I’m trying a stay calm and indifferent, I know you like to tease.
You think you’ve won me over, thinkin’ about me beggin’ baby please.
You flirt with the girl next to me, but I’m sure that you’re thinking of me.

I’ve been thinking about the other night now,
I’ve been thinking about the bad feeling good.
You’ve been saying you’ve been reminiscing,
You’ve been flirting and putting me in the mood.
I’ve been wanting you to come back over,
Waitin’ by the phone for your call.
I’ve been making time for you, you’ve been busy.
I’m startin’ to wonder if you don’t want it at all.
You say you love me in that tight little black dress.
I say you love it only when you call.

And I know that I should stop

And just walk away boy
You keep callin’ and I drop
All of my plans
Each time I get you out
Of my head (boy)
There you are
At my door
Commanding me to obey.

I know you think I’m sexy, you know I want it too.
You got me wrapped around your little finger,
you keep me playing while you’re changing the rules.
You been texting me, tempting me, teasing me.
You know I seem to love playing those games.
All my friends are beggin’ and pleading,
They say with her you been doing the same.
Now you’re calling me to come on over.
I can’t stop, I love the taste of this shame.